LUSH Cosmetics steps up to the plate to support LGBT in Russia.

This Valentine’s Day will be a little different than usual, with the spotlight on the Sochi Winter Olympics. When the world’s thoughts turn to love, the Russian government declared its hostility toward the LGBT community.

Many companies and corporations are now stepping up in opposition to Russia and reaffirming their support of human rights, including LGBT rights.

One such company is LUSH Cosmetics, which partnered with non-profit All Out to champion everyone’s right to love. They stand with all global citizens calling on the Russian government to stop fueling anti-LGBT violence.

“At LUSH, we believe individuality, diversity and freedoms are worth standing up for. We stand alongside the gay community as they strive for universal acceptance. Love is the world’s most precious commodity and should never be legislated against,” Hilary Jones, LUSH Ethics Director.

For the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, LUSH urges the public to show their solidarity by posting selfies wearing the pink sign of the love triangle symbol, painted in pink lipstick—to their social media networks using the hashtag #signoflove.

The #signoflove pink triangle is a global sign of LGBTQ rights. Consumers can also visit one of the 188 stores in North America to take pictures with the pink #signoflove triangle in-store.

LUSH will then gather the #signoflove images electronically and in-store to create a photo petition book full of images of people who believe love is an essential human right. On Friday, February 14th, LUSH staff will take the petition to the Russian Embassies in the capital cities in the US and Canada (Washington, D.C., and Ottawa) and the Russian Consulate offices in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Toronto and Montreal.