Still from 'Jenny's Wedding'
Still from ‘Jenny’s Wedding’

When Jenny decides to marry a woman, her conventional family is forced to accept who she is or risk losing their daughter and their self-respect.

Jenny Farrell (Katherine Heigl) has led an openly gay life – except with her conventional family.

When she finally decides to start a family and marry the woman they thought was just her roommate, the small, safe world the Farrell’s inhabited changes forever.

They are left with a simple and difficult choice – either change with it or drown.

Made independently, this film is the kind of movie the studios used to make all the time. It is about real people, the problems they face, and the personal courage it takes to resolve them. It is also about transformation and love.

Both moving and funny, it has an important message to send, and our goal is to ensure it reaches a wide audience.

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