LGBTIQ Women’s Health ConferenceThe health, well-being and safety of LGBTIQ women in Australia will be in sharp focus at a national virtual conference in November.

Experts, researchers, advocates, health professionals, service providers, and sexuality and gender-diverse community members and allies from around the country will converge online for the LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference on Thursday, 4 November, to address health issues such as sexual and gender identity, sexual health, mental health, violence and safety, tobacco and drug use, alcohol consumption, cancer screening behaviours and more.

The fifth LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference is presented by two of Australia’s leading sexuality and gender-diverse health organisations: ACON in NSW and Thorne Harbour Health in Victoria and South Australia. The event is the only conference held in Australia dedicated to exploring the health and well-being of women in LGBTIQ communities.

Karen Price, Deputy CEO of ACON, said the conference offers an opportunity for those involved in improving the health and well-being of LGBTIQ women to participate in discussions, share insights, increase knowledge and learn more about contemporary responses to addressing key issues and challenges.

“Prior to the impact of COVID-19, ACON and our partner Thorne Harbour Health had been building important momentum with a regular, focussed opportunity for people to come together and put the spotlight on significant issues that impact LGBTIQ women’s lives. These conferences were rich and inspiring, covering diverse content, health issues, bodies and lived experiences,” Price said.

“We’re excited to be back in 2021 for our first virtual LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference, bringing health, social and other pressing issues impacting LGBTIQ women into focus.”

The program will reflect the conference’s theme – ‘Our Health Matters’ – with the keynote presentation delivered by the research team behind UnLEASH, Australia’s first longitudinal cohort study exploring lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s health and well-being and the relationship with smoking, drinking and using drugs. At the conference, researchers will unveil findings from the first cohort surveys.

The conference will be presented online, allowing for greater accessibility for delegates and a higher capacity for presenters and speakers to participate in the program. Previous face-to-face meetings have attracted around 400 diverse attendees. This year’s virtual presentation will see the conference engage an even bigger audience and further broaden its reach.

Carolyn Gillespie, Thorne Harbour Health Director of Services, said: “Our LGBTIQ women’s communities are rich and diverse. This national conference provides an important place to celebrate our communities, showcase contemporary research and best practice, and ensure the health and well-being of LGBTIQ women are centred in our collective health responses. The fact that the conference is going online this year makes it even easier to

The LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference celebrates meaningful inclusion, diversity and access, aiming to create a safe space to strengthen the health and well-being of all LGBTIQ women, including Aboriginal women, Sistergirls, women of colour, intersex women, trans and gender diverse women and women with disabilities.

ACON’s Price added: “Throughout 2021, there have been discussions of systemic failures to advance women’s safety and equity. Diversity in these stories hasn’t always been prominent, so it has never been more important for us to come together. We know we need focused opportunities that elevate lived experience, expertise, research and ideas to progress with and for our communities.”

The 2021 LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference will be held virtually on Thursday, 4 November. Registrations are now open until 3 November.
ACON and Thorne Harbour Health aim to make the conference accessible to everyone in our communities.

To register or for more information, visit the LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference website at

The NSW Ministries support the 2021 LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference for Health, Mental Health and Regional Youth and Women, Multicultural NSW, and Lesbians Inc.