lesbians-on-the-loose_rainbow_familyRainbow Families announces the relaunch of Making Rainbow Families Seminar series beginning 4 May 2021 to assist LGBTQ+ people to find specific and inclusive advice about options for creating a family.

Since 2016, Making Rainbow Families has provided clarity and confidence to hundreds of LGBTQ+ community members considering parenting by providing a jam-packed program of quality education, inspiration and community connection. Making Rainbow Families is also the only LGBTQ+ specific program for intended parents in Australia that covers the multiple ways of becoming a parent.

The five-week program of one-hour online seminars addresses the most pressing topics, including:

  • “Are you ready to become a Parent” with a family psychologist
  • Fostering and adoption
  • IVF and home insemination
  • Surrogacy options
  • Trans and gender-diverse options
  • Legal considerations for LGBTQ+ parents
  • “Tell them from me” – a panel discussion featuring LGBTQ+ parents and their children

Scott Brunelle is a gay dad and co-parent of three children. He is also one of the founding board members of Rainbow Families. “Members of the LGBTQ+ community have more options today than ever to make their dream of a family a reality. But with so much information and misinformation, taking steps forward confidently can be challenging.” Scott says. “I found in my parenting journey that so much information and advice is centred around heterosexual couples,” Scott continues. “Getting past that to learn how to become a parent can be quite confronting.”

At Rainbow Families, we say that love makes a family – and that’s true. We are so excited to bring back Making Rainbow Families so more LGBTQ+ community members can learn how they can share their love to make a family.

The seminar series has become a highly anticipated event in the community, and for many participants, it is the start of lifelong friendships for themselves and their children.

“Getting to know other people who are at the start of their parenting journey means community members also have supportive peers as they go through new stages such as pregnancy and newborns or fostering and adoption,” Scott says. “The children and young people also then have around them a supportive community of other kids who share a similar family story, which is important in a society that can sometimes find it difficult to be inclusive of difference.”

The sessions are being held via Zoom to ensure the seminars are as accessible as possible for aspiring LGBTQ+ parents and allies.

Tickets are $25 and are available now on the Rainbow Families Website here: https://www.rainbowfamilies.com.au/making_rainbow_families_seminar