Elise Bauman
Elise Bauman

The ‘Almost Adults’ lead Elise Bauman sat down with LOTL and spoke about her film, Queer Screen Film Fest, and Australia.

Almost Adults is a charming comedy about BFFs Mackenzie and Cassie as they complete their final year at university and begin the transition into adulthood. Mackenzie is finally ready to come out to family and friends but discovers that everyone already knew, except Cassie. While Mackenzie embraces her sexuality, Cassie makes the decision to end her long-term relationship and realises her life isn’t going in the direction she planned.

Elise Bauman, lead actor in Almost Adults will be introducing the film and participating in a Q&A as part of All Girl Friday and will participate in a free meet & greet at on Friday and Saturday. LOTL caught up with Elise on her first trip to Australia and spoke to her about Queer Screen Film Fest and Almost Adults.

Is this your first film festival in Australia? How are you enjoying it?

This is my first time in Australia! It’s really beautiful here. I can’t wait to explore more!

At what point did you become interested in being a part of Almost Adults?

I became interested in Almost Adults immediately after reading the script. It’s such a funny and honest look into friendship and growing up and self-discovery. So many scripts geared towards a younger audience tend to be focused on romantic partnerships, so I was happy to see such a fresh take on a concept by the main story centred around a platonic friendship. The writer and director were familiar with my work already and reached out to ask if I would audition, but I went through the regular audition/call-back process and I’m very happy they decided to cast me in such a great role!

Are there any scenes you had a particularly enjoyed filming?

It was such a fun shoot to be on that it’s hard to pick a favourite scene! Most of the crew working on the film were female, which is still so unheard of, and it was such a positive and supportive environment. One of the scenes we shot was a big party scene, and some of the Kickstarter backers were extras in it, as one of their perks for contributing to the film. Having the energy of so many people in the room, some of whom had supported our film’s making, was definitely a highlight!

What are you looking forward to most about Queer Screen Film Fest?

I’m excited to be here for Queer Screen Film Fest to celebrate LGBTQ+ representation in films, and to see some films I haven’t been able to catch at other festivals yet!