The smash hit All About E will be showing at Raffertys Theatre in Parramatta, followed by a Q&A with director Louise Wadley and producer Jay Rutovitz

All About E, the lesbian feature film from director/screenwriter Louise Wadley, follows E (Mandahla Rose), a queer-but-closeted DJ, as she works the nightclub scene where the ladies are hot for her.

Little do her traditional Lebanese parents know that she, too, is hot for the ladies.

A classical music student who has given up her studies to work in her “uncle’s” club, E realizes she’s in way over her head with the lie she’s created when her girlfriend, Trish (Julia Billington), leaves her for not coming out to her parents about their relationship. Twelve months after their breakup, and after having probably a dozen women in her bed, E leaves the club one night only to find that she has taken the wrong duffel bag—and in it a stack of cash that belongs to Johnny, the nightclub owner.

Instead of returning the cash, E embarks on a road trip with her GBF, Matt (Brett Rogers), with the nightclub goons in hot pursuit. After several days on the run, the duo eventually ends up on Trish’s farm, in the middle of nowhere, seeking safety from the mob. Will old flames re-ignite?

Can E keep the money and live on the run?

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