Still from 'Pot Luck'
Still from ‘Pot Luck’

The hugely successful web series is crowdfunding for Season two!

New Zealand’s favourite and ONLY lesbian web series are getting ready to film their highly-anticipated second season of “Pot Luck“.

Season one exceeded expectations, playing on multiple online platforms in New Zealand, Australia, the US, and Canada It has received over 1.5 million unique views across all episodes, and their audience is still growing!

In season one we were introduced to Mel, Debs and Beth, three lesbians in their 30s-40s, negotiating friendship and romance while dealing with the challenges and rewards of everyday life.

The creators of this hilariously heart-warming series have now launched a crowd-funding campaign to help raise funds to film the show’s second season and they need our help!

They are committed to keeping their content freely available to us all (yay for us), but if we want a second season (um, yes of course we do!!), then they need our help to make it happen!

So head to their crowd-funding page and donate so we can have something to look forward to binge-watching in the near future!