The Haunting of Hill HouseIt takes a lot to scare the LGBTQ+ community, because most are familiar with the idea of jumping out of closets…

This Halloween, the queers are making explicit advances onto your screens creating many an opportunity to gorge on LGBTQ+ representation – as well as any sweet treats that might accompany said binge.

If you haven’t had a chance to get into some of the supernatural screenings that have popped up online over the last month, it’s not too late to get into the spirit of things…

American Horror Story

American Horror Story was created by Ryan Murphy, a writer who has always known how to “bring gay to life” on our screens, and eight seasons later it’s still killing it on that front. The current series is a cross-over of Murder House and Coven, bringing together a mix of thirst-trapping characters.

It boasts gay idols such as Sarah Paulson and Leslie Grossman, as well as characters such as the queer Ramona Royale, played by Angela Bassett, and the Liz Taylor, as well as a slick trans bartender played by Denis O’Hare.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The queer appeal of Sabrina was obvious enough even in its original form. Like many of us, Sabrina is a witch with mystical powers, accompanied by Salem, a gorgeous feline friend and side-kick. However, this remake of an old classic pushes the rainbow boat slightly further out into the harbour, much like Riverdale, another show also based on the Archie Comics series.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina features Ambrose Spellman, a warlock who is pansexual, as well as non-binary witch, Susie Putnam. Chance Perdomo, who plays Ambrose, celebrated the show’s ability to bring forth “new narratives” adding, “I don’t remember the last time I saw a pansexual person of the colour written with depth,” in an interview with Out magazine.

In a win for queer representation on the screens, Susie Putnam is also played by non-binary actor, Lachlan Watson.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is an adaptation of a 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson – however, what makes this a kick-ass watch is how it takes the independent and strong character of Theo, and presents her more explicitly as a lesbian than ever before.

Over on Autostraddle, Hattie writes about what makes Theo so unique:

“…she’s smart, has some great lines (and great style — lots of black and even *gasp* trousers) — she beats Luke at cards, which his aunt has already said is an impossibility. She isn’t married, or anything like Eleanor (who is financially dependent on her sister and brother in law) and she seems far more confident and perceptive than the other characters — okay maybe the psychic abilities help.

“Basically Theo kicks ass… In horror, we’re so used to seeing women as victims or as evil, but Theo is neither. …there is no moral judgement placed on Theo — she doesn’t die. The house doesn’t punish her for her sexuality.”

Ariana Grande performing The Wizard and I from Wicked

If you’re in the mood for some more immediate gratification, be sure to check out this witchy cover, fresh from the Land of Oz, but also channelling something from the land of Soho.

Not satisfied? Well, there’s always Buffy. #WillowLovesTara4ever