An interview with Tatiana Maslany.


Tatiana Maslany was recently interviewed by GLAAD, and she is just as awesome in real life as she is on TV!


Maslany on why she's an ally to the LGBT community, she got teary eyed and said:


"It's like a no brainer. There's no question. A lot of my friends, you know, have struggled with coming out or identifying how they identify. And it's just a no brainer to me. It just makes no sense that there wouldn't be support for the community.  That it even has to be a separate community. Like, I don't understand why there's a line drawn. And I totally just feel grateful that I've had these experiences with fans, you know, at Comic Con who are coming out because of Orphan Black."


On the bisexual representations portrayed on the show by Cosima and Delphine:


"Well, they're not on show. They're not on display for the male gaze. They're not sexualized in that way, but they are sexual with each other and they're intimate. Whether Delphine identifies as bisexual or however she identifies herself, she's open to loving Cosima and there's no question. It's about the love between them; it's not about the fact that they are two women."


Tatiana also voiced her support for GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign, which empowers LGBT people and their allies to speak out in support of acceptance.


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