Quitza Is Helping The LGBT Community To Quit SmokingUsers from around the world support each other with this social support network.

Non profit social network web app Quitza wants to help people around the world quit smoking. This social experiment is growing by the minute and helping people quit one cigarette at a time.

Members can collectively encourage and support one another through strong community spirit. Quitza offers a community where members often feel a sense of responsibility towards one another.

Members have access to a Personal Progress Report, awards & milestones, the Daily N.O.P.E. Pledge, the Panic Button, Social Goal Tracking, and a targeted savings calculator among many other features!

Quitza also includes specific information for the LGBT community and smoking awareness. Currently, there is a 70% higher rate of smoking within the LGBT community than the global average. The higher rate of smoking is often overlooked and big tobacco continues to target the LGBT community through marketing.

Currently, Quitza is available as a free web app with no download required. The Quitza quit smoking app is still in development for both iOS and Android.

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