Caroline and Laurie Hart advocate for universal equality in this new short film.

Married bi-national couple Caroline and Laurie Hart have spent the last ten years advocating for equality and acceptance around the world.

Caroline, originally from England, and Laurie, originally from America, have used their story to fight for equal rights and have campaigned extremely hard to help bring down DOMA and bring nationwide marriage equality to the USA.

The two women are married legally in both England and America and are now in the process of making a film, Status Unknown, about their fight for love and equality.

The short film tells about the hardship the women went through at the hands of the US federal government. The couple decided to tell everyone who would listen about their story. This led the Harts to connect with great allies including Martina Navratilova and New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, along with many others who are featured in the film’s final scene.

Caroline and Laurie are determined to continue fighting for acceptance everywhere. They want their film to bring a powerful message of hope and inspiration to queer Australian audiences.