Gender Bender By Erika LustTo celebrate Pride, award-winning, adult filmmaker Erika Lust is releasing the short film Gender Bender

The film celebrates gender fluidity, diversity, and the resilience of the LGBTQ+ community whilst breaking down conventional gender stereotypes.

Gender Bender follows Kali Sudhra and Dante Dionys, two sex workers, activists and real-life friends, as they explore their gender identities, free from reprisal and judgment.

Feeling excited about the freedom of subverting their usual gender roles, the pair explore the city until their desire for one another takes control. What follows is an explicit, tender, and passionate encounter.

As with all Xconfessions films, Gender Bender is an adaptation of an anonymous sexual fantasy sent to Erika Lust from a member of the public. In this fantasy, the confessor longs to see her boyfriend slip into her clothes and apply her makeup, while she binds her breasts, removes her makeup, and hides a strap-on in her pants.

Erika Lust hopes to use this film to show how malleable gender can be and to expose the profound eroticism in letting gendered sexuality go and embracing carnal desire. 

Watch the Trailer here