Sagan is the French biopic about the fabulous life of novelist Francoise Sagan who shot to fame in 1954.

Sylvie Testud plays the title role and dives deep into her life as a writer, mother, addict and, rather secondary to the story, her literary prowess.

Sagan was someone who lived life to the extreme, her immediate celebrity status took her to great heights but ultimately left her melancholic and sad, dying alone in 2004. Although she was married twice, Sagan spent the most part of her life in relationships with women. The richness of these relationships are portrayed on the screen in such a way that can only be done with French cinema. Glamorous and extravagant. Everything from the fashion to their dog who likes cocaine


The film-reviews resonates the Angelina Jolie classic, Gia. It breaks your heart to see someone with so much talent plummet so low. After a car crash she becomes addicted to morphine and thus begins a life-long battle with addiction. In her final years, there are less people in her bedroom, but the one thing that remains constant is the bottle of Jack Daniels by her bed. But unlike the film-reviews Gia, there are moments of hilarity, in particular the scenes with Sagan and partner Peggy, as they drink themselves into a stupor night after night, stumbling around like the cast of Absolutely Fabulous.

Sagan flirted dangerously with life and was someone who ultimately paid the price. Nevertheless, she’s enchanting and charismatic, and it’s easy to see why everyone who crossed her path fell in love with her. Even though she looks like Dustin Hoffman in a dress, I fell in love with her too.