MORE BEAUTIFUL FOR HAVING BEEN BROKENDistribution powerhouse Vision Films has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to “More Beautiful for Having Been Broken,” the award-winning feature-length film directed by Nicole Conn.

In partnership with Vision Films, Wolfe Video will release “More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” on DVD globally, available to purchase on (in the United States and Canada) and wherever DVDs are sold on April 7th, 2020. Bonus Material on the DVD will include the film’s trailer, four behind-the-scenes featurettes and deleted scenes.

On May 8th, 2020, “More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” will be made available digitally on all major US and Canadian cable and TVOD platforms. Also, through a special global release event for Nicole Conn fans worldwide, “More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” will be available on May 8th to purchase in all countries without restriction on TVOD and EST through Director Nicole Conn will be standing by on Facebook and Twitter to chat with her fans globally and explain the story behind this very special film that is dear to her heart.

This is an exciting collaboration that will connect Conn’s incredibly personal and extremely touching film to global audiences in well over 100 million homes.

The announcement comes on the heels of the massive success “More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” enjoyed traveling the international film festival circuit since premiering last June at Frameline. The film snatched a slew of awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress (Zoe Ventoura) Best Actor (Cale Ferrin) and Best Editing, and Best Original Score at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (LAIFF), and Best Picture at LA Femme International Film Festival, White Light City FF and International Ind FF, among others.

“More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” is a story about three broken women whose lives intersect at a lakeside community and who are forever changed through their shared love of a very special young boy with special needs.

A broken FBI agent, suspended from her job and struggling with the loss of her mother, travels to the small mountain town she used to visit as a child. She is befriended by a special needs boy who possesses the extraordinary gift of healing others through his unbroken spirit and unique outlook on life. Though she is hurting, she begins to see through his eyes as the puzzle pieces fall into place.

The film is the breakout debut for 11-year-old Cale Ferrin who was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a rare genetic disease that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer and is often marked by congenital defects and short stature.
It stars Australian actress, Zoë Ventoura (Home and Away, Packed to the Rafters) and Kayla Radomski of “So You Think You Can Dance” fame.

Joining the stellar cast are Bruce Davison (Star Trek / X-Men), French Stewart (3rd Rock from the Sun), Brooke Elliott (Drop Dead Diva), Harley Jane Kozak (Parenthood), Gaby Christian (South of Nowhere), Kay Lenz, Wally Kurth and Gabrielle Baba-Conn (Conn’s real-life daughter) who is also making her feature debut.

A semi-autobiographical film, “More Beautiful For Having Been Broken” is very personal to Conn. The film pays homage to Conn’s daughter and in particular her son, Nicholas, who has special needs and is medically fragile.

“To say ‘More Beautiful For Having Been Broken’ is a passion project is to say climbing Mt Everest is a hike. The story is inspired by my son, Nicholas and daughter, Gabrielle. I wanted to show who my son is to the world. He is extremely special needs and medically fragile. After years of being impacted by his world and the experiences of so many other kids with special needs, moms and parents, I wanted people to understand how truly magical our kids are and what they bring to our lives and how they can be the conduit to great love and healing. I also grew weary of our kids being invisible – especially since my son, Cale and so many others who are otherly challenged are the greatest teachers in the world, about what is truly important,” says Conn.
Conn’s journey with her son has been the most intensely spiritual and greatest life education she could ever have asked for; and with this film she wants to show the beauty that comes from what most define as “broken.”

The film’s title was inspired by Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of repaired pottery (“to repair with gold”).

More than that, it is the art of understanding that the pieces are more beautiful for having been broken. The proof of its fragility and its resilience is what makes it beautiful. Having faced serious challenges throughout this film that almost broke Conn, herself — Conn has adopted this term as a personal mantra.

“There are some films we watch that are so moving and special that they never leave us,” said Lise Romanoff, Managing Director and CEO of Vision Films. “’More Beautiful For Having Been Broken’ is one of these movies and Vision Films is honored to be part of Nicole Conn’s journey as we release the film.”

“We at Wolfe are delighted to continue our 28-year partnership with Nicole Conn in bringing audiences ‘More Beautiful For Having Been Broken,’” says Kathy Wolfe, CEO & founder at Wolfe Video. “Nicole’s fans will appreciate this most personal work of her dedicated and distinguished career as a filmmaker.”

The film was produced by dear friend Lissa Forehan. They were joined by a group known as the “Silver Tribe” – eleven women from all over the world who are Conn’s dear friends and loyalists.

A pioneering filmmaker and an iconic figure in the LGBTQ community, Nicole Conn is known not only for having paved the way for lesbian-themed cinema with her cult classic, “Claire of the Moon” as well as her acclaimed features “Elena Undone” (which boasts the longest screen kiss in cinema history) and “A Perfect Ending,” but also for queer female filmmakers.

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