Scene from Kamikaze Hearts

Two classic lesbian films

The title Kamikaze Hearts is perfectly fitting for this dark, gritty movie. Filmed in 1986, the story of the blurred lines between work, porn, and love is still very relevant to us today.

In documentary style, we follow the loves and lives of Sharon “Mitch” Mitchell and Tina “Tigr” Mennett. It is a bizarre, chaotic and dark ride. We watch them love, we watch them hate, we watch them abuse drugs.

What happens when people in the porn industry fall in love? Are pornographic actresses capable of love? Where does the acting stop and the loving start? This film takes on all of these questions and examines them closely under a high powered microscope.

It also examines the intricacies of the relationships between writers, producers, and actors in the triple x industry. This film reminds us that they are more than just flashes of flesh on the television screen. They are people, just like us.

Like all people, you come to love and hate various traits of all the characters. You like and dislike. You relate. You understand. You might even be able to see yourself in a similar position.

The hearts of Mitch and Tigr are very much like kamikazes flying down into a world where they very well could die. Though they may not acknowledge it, somewhere deep down, they know it is a suicide mission for their hearts. An unexpected love affair between porn film workers definitely has its risks. Risks as severe as a kamikaze mission.

The film is shadowy at times, which adds a perfect element of mystery and darkness. It is dim, dogged, and raw. It is a film that shows us both the best of humanity, and the worst of us. It teaches us that life’s ups and downs even affect porn stars. It is authentic.

This classic lesbian film is now available in digital format at Wolfe studios, easily one of the greatest lesbian film companies, is giving us the opportunity to revisit this gritty film, or perhaps watch it for the first time.

As of October 21, this film has digitally premiered. For the first time, this movie is available for both streaming and download.

Whether it’s revisiting this film, or seeing it for the first time, now offers all of us the chance to see Kamikaze Hearts.

Not only have they given us Kamikaze Hearts, but Desi’s Looking for a New Girl is also available for streaming and downloading for the first time as well!

Desi’s Looking for a New Girl is a fun and uniquely told story of life after a long-term relationship ends. The story is told by JT, Desi’s friend. Through her story telling, animation, music and dialogue, we travel with Desi through her ordeal.

JT introduces us to Desi. She’s a young, vibrant, artistic Latina who is “living the dream” with her partner, Adela.

Adela says that she needs some time to think, when in reality, she is just going out on the prowl. Once Desi finds out, she is devastated.

We ride along through hurt, anger, depression, desperation, and even happiness. We see the strength and deep connections she has with her friends and family. She is surrounded by everyone who loves and supports her.

They help her as best they can through this difficult time. Sometimes their help is lacking (as in setting her up with poor matches), but their efforts are very sincere. The love and support is always there; it is palpable and it is very endearing.

Although JT is telling us the story, we feel as if we are right there in the room with Desi. You are swept into the moment, into the emotions with her. You feel very much like a part of the story.

This movie gives us great insight into the nature and complexities of all human relationships. We see how deeply we love and care for each other. We also see how terribly we can hurt one another.

This film gives us a great perspective on lesbian relationships. It also provides a great glimpse into the culture of the Hispanic, LGBT, and Hispanic LGBT communities in San Francisco.

We see the colors, experience the culture, and listen to the language. We are immersed in the Hispanic lesbian world of San Fran. Although it is chock full of Latinas, the story and characters are very relatable to all viewers.

Despite it’s sad storyline, Desi’s Looking for a New Girl is a light movie and is sure to entertain. It has a rich cast of characters and ends on an unexpected high point. It’s a fun movie, and it is absolutely wonderful that it is now officially available in digital format.