Indie Film: Her Side Of The BedRaunchy, dark, comedic, sarcastic, and highly entertaining, this film encompasses many emotions and touches us on many levels.

Love, sex, friendship. These are facets in everyone’s life. We’ve all felt the pain and joy they all can bring us. For most of us, though, they are all separate, individual entities with strong boundaries defining them each. What happens when those boundary lines are crossed or fade? Her Side of the Bed is an independent film that addresses that very question.

Bryn Woznicki and Chelsea Morgan bring us this romantic dramedy. Raunchy, dark, comedic, sarcastic, and highly entertaining, this film encompasses many emotions and touches us on many levels.

Rachel Nolan (played by Chelsea Morgan) has just been humiliated and dumped by her boyfriend. Her best friend and roommate, Nicole Weinberg (Bryn Woznicki) does her best to cheer up her friend, and to help her move on.

A series of encounters, lies, and bad set-ups complicates an already complex situation as one night of unexpected passion between the two friends blurs the lines between friendship and romance. Unsure of herself and her identity, Rachel becomes incredibly clingy; Nicole wants no part of it.

We watch as the relationship between the two young women disintegrates, as they each try to navigate their way through a very tumultuous and unknown landscape. Outside forces such as co-workers, friends, exes, and new acquaintances help to stir the pot even further. The audience is as stunned and surprised at the situation’s evolution as the characters are. Things tie up nicely, but not necessarily in the expected manner.

Her Side of the Bed has already garnered some attention through interviews and various independent film festivals. Woznicki and Morgan have done a wonderful job creating this film, and promoting it to audiences of all types. Indeed, their film has touched viewers from all walks of life.

A sixty five year old woman told Bryn and Chelsea that she had had a similar experience when she was young. They have received many thanks from younger LGBTs for creating a movie that resonates deeply with them. People from the US, Canada, and even Europe are all eagerly awaiting the release of Her Side of the Bed.

Woznicki and Morgan’s project continues to move forward. The two have generously donated the money that would have been their salaries to help complete the film.

Networking, generous donors, and word of mouth are all helping to support this film. However, more support is needed. Independent films succeed due to the help and support of the community at large.

Neither LGBT specific or heterosexual specific, Her Side of the Bed is a film that speaks to both communities, and to humanity as a whole. So, if you are human, and you enjoy good movies, please consider a charitable donation.