Catholic Priest performing the holy sacramentA new documentary explores transgender lives in the priesthood.

A new documentary currently in pre-production focuses on the lives of transgender people in ministry after the transition. This celebratory and sobering film will look into the lives of individuals who have come face to face with themselves and taken steps to pursue their authentic selves.

What happens when someone discovers that their most basic personal affinity is contrary to their upbringing and to their religious faith? When that moment in the life of a Minister is found to be so personal, as well as extremely foreign to their parish, it can be life-affirming or devastating.

One Chicago filmmaker tackles this topic in a controversial new documentary film TRANSfiguration looking into the lives of faith leaders who are also on a journey of discovery within themselves. In a world between genders and between spiritual and physical, these ministers find their way home.

TRANSfiguration is the first feature-length documentary by Surmount Studio. With the help of actor and co-producer Eric Feltes, the studio is connecting with numerous supporters and members of the transgender community as well as transgender ministers, preachers, priests and pastors within the Christian faith.