Georgie Stone

The new Australian documentary THE DREAMLIFE OF GEORGIE STONE will have its Australian premiere screening at the Sydney Film Festival on Monday 13 June.

This follows the film’s World Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival on 9 June.  In September the thirty-minute film will release across the world on Netflix, with an accompanying impact campaign by Transcend Australia.

THE DREAMLIFE OF GEORGIE STONE is directed by Maya Newell. The film is produced by Closer Productions by Sophie Hyde, Matthew Bate, Lisa Sherrard and Maya Newell. Georgie Stone is the Creative Producer.

Spanning nineteen years, THE DREAMLIFE OF GEORGIE STONE tells the story of Georgie, an Australian transgender teen as she helps change laws, affirm her gender, finds her voice and emerges into adulthood.

Told through intimately accessed footage as well as a trove of beautiful home-shot video, it is a portrait of a remarkable life told as a study in memory, glimpsing significant moments of joy, triumph and adversity.

Made in collaboration with Georgie herself, it is the story of a childhood under siege and a loving family who stood strong behind their daughter, offering a strong case for the agency of transgender children and teenagers to make their own decisions about their gender identity. As Georgie emerges into adulthood, she can finally imagine, hope and dream of her future self.

Georgie Stone said: “For me, this film is about taking the power back. For the first time in my life, having agency over my story has been such an empowering experience.

‘In Dreamlife, I want to portray my journey from a kid who felt so isolated and alone, to a young woman who is finally asserting control over her life, her body, and her story. I want to show people the importance of a supportive family, and what that can do for a trans person. I want people to see the trans experience as not black-and-white, but nuanced and multi-faceted. It’s lonely and difficult, but also euphoric and beautiful too. There are times we want it to all go away, and times we are so proud to be ourselves we could explode! And most of all, I want other trans people to see that they have a future.”

Director May Newell said: “I am thrilled to be launching this powerful story of strength and love, especially after the election results which show a clear embrace of diversity and care. After 6 years of this collaborative partnership with Georgie, we are proud to finally share Georgie’s story with audiences at the Sydney Festival, Tribeca and then globally on Netflix. I know that people are going to learn so much from Georgie and her family as I have and I am excited about the conversations we will be able to lead that celebrate transgender people in all their brilliance and diversity across the world.”

THE DREAMLIFE OF GEORGIE STONE is financed with the assistance of Documentary Australia and Netflix and received production funding from Screen Australia.

MAYA NEWELL is a director and impact producer. Her films, including Growing up Gayby (2013), Gayby Baby (SFF 2015) and most recently, In My Blood It Runs (SFF 2019), have screened at many festivals internationally.

Monday 13 June 2022, 17:15 – Event Cinemas, George St – Cinema 5
Thursday 16 June 2022, 16:15 – State Theatre