Super AwesomeA new comedy Super Awesome! tackles gay marriage head-on…

The independent feature film, Super Awesome!  follows two down and out buddies, Mark and Gary, who is given one last shot at achieving their dreams. Out of the blue, they find themselves with 250K to headline the opening night of a massive international festival.

The film’s producers have described the film as It’s ROCKY meets SUPERBAD with the story set against the hilarious backdrop of two straight guys doing their best to write a musical about an issue they know nothing about – Gay Marriage.

As the clock ticks down to opening night and the whole production inches towards collapsing, Mark and Gary are ultimately illuminated to the significance of gay marriage and the potential their music has to make a change… but is it too little too late?

Super Awesome! is written and directed by Guy Edmonds (his feature directing debut) and Matt Zeremes (Burke & Wills, Strangers Lovers Killers). Zeremes and Edmonds conceived the idea in LA during the pilot season this year and have been working solidly on the film since. Both Guy and Matt have had extensive careers as actors in Australia and overseas, having worked together in the worldwide theatrical sensation HOLDING THE MAN for over four years.

As filmmakers their work has premiered at Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival, Frameline in San Francisco and Palm Springs in LA to name a few. Guy Edmonds can currently be seen on screen in ABC1’s hit show A MOODY CHRISTMAS.

Through boundary-pushing comedy, Super Awesome is one of the first contemporary Aussie films to explore the anxiety and prejudice surrounding gay marriage in our modern world.