Dykes on Bikes
The Annual Bike & Tattoo Show Is Coming Your Way

Don your leather and jump on your Ducati, the Dykes on Bikes annual tattoo and bike show is coming your way

The annual Dykes on Bikes Bike & Tattoo Show is one of a kind.  Motorcyclists in our community get to compete in categories like best Cruiser, Sports Bike, Tourer, Naked, Best Dressed, Vintage, 250cc or lower including scooters and Rat Bike.  Bikes must be registered by 12.30pm to be eligible for judging.

In the evening the clothes get loosened and the artwork comes out.  If you are proud of your ink come along and compete in categories like best Arm, Leg, Front, Back and Body Modification. There are trophies and prizes for the winner in each category as well as a best in show for both sections.

There will also be live entertainment, games and music throughout the day and evening to keep everyone happy even if bikes and tattoos aren’t your style.  The infamous Dykes on Bikes® wet t-shirt competition is a must see event. The show has been running for more than a decade and it’s still going strong. Come along and help Dykes on Bikes® celebrate their 25th anniversary year.