Presented by Gasworks Arts Park and One Trick Pony, Carousel – The Little Battle interweaves punchy, comedic and highly visual vignettes with stripped-to-naked costume changes and candid conversations.

Fresh from rapturous responses at the Stockholm Fringe Festival and winner of the 2012 Green Room award for Innovation and Excellence in CircusGasworks Arts Park presents their premier production for Midsumma 2014Carousel – The Little Battle; an outstanding piece of contemporary physical theatre directed by Anni Davey.

visually enticing exploration of the complexity and dynamics of human relationships through the aesthetic of an old world circus –Carousel – The Little Battle is guided by irreverent slapstick clowns, despotic ringmasters, hyper-masculine strong men and beautifully bizarre carousel horses.

A challenging and provocative physical theatre piece, Carousel – The Little Battle critiques traditional and contemporary stereotypes of women, challenges gender roles within circus art, addresses the objectification of the female form and celebrates the physical strength and resilience of the female body.


Carousel – The Little Battle at Gasworks Arts Park

Dates: 23 January – 1 February 2014
Times: Thu to Sat at 9:30pm
Price: Full $35 Full / Conc $30 / Group (6+) $30
Duration: 60 minutes 
Venue: Gasworks Theatre, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park.