Cast of Comedy: Bitch
Cast of Comedy: Bitch

A new Australian play exposes the raw, sinister and darkly funny underbelly of contemporary suburban family life.

From the creator of some of Australia’s most successful independent theatre productions comes the story of the Post family, through which themes of addiction, trauma, racism, gender politics and more are sure to ring true with contemporary Australian audiences.

Written by prolific gay Australian playwright, Wayne Tunks, Bitch is both a gritty drama and a black comedy.

It will feature a fusion cast of veteran talent and new up-and-comers.  Tunks spent years devising the play, adding bits over time as life inspired him. As a result, he says the play will resonate with audiences, as it focuses on real issues people are facing today.

“These are characters that people will recognise – maybe as members of the family we see on special occasions and just shake our heads,” he says.