Geraldine Hickey
Gay comedian Geraldine Hickey to perform at Fundraiser

LGBT activist Meg Gulbin suffered a brain injury that has left her hospitalised and facing a long and expensive road to recovery.

There are people who work away tirelessly in our community, selflessly dedicating their lives and talents to help the rest of us. Meg Gulbin is one of those people and now, she needs our help.
Eighteen months ago Meg suffered a severe Acquired Brain Injury (similar to Molly Meldrum’s) and she was doubtful. Flash forward a year and a half, and while Meg is still in hospital and has had a hell of a time, she is still with us and, miraculously, is predicted to make close to a full recovery over time. Her survival can be put down to the same grit and determination that saw her fight homophobic bureaucracies and agitate for change in GLBTI and women’s health services for over two decades.

Her achievements are too numerous to list here, but highlights include:

• Pride and Joy – the first book in Australia targeted specifically at lesbian parents
• The famous “Women of” Events … courage, words and so on
• The Big Day Off for menopausal women.
She also started the first parents’ group for LGBTI parents in Victoria, in the Diversity Unit in State Government on GLBTI issues and has been an active contributor to promoting understanding of Intersex and Trans health issues.
She has been there for all of us for years and now is our chance to be there for her.
Meg loved using comedy in her health promotion work. She often employed comedians (she’s the brains behind Nelly Thomas’ Condom Dialogues and No Means No Show (and
others)) and is also beloved by the comedy community. This is why so many of them agreed to come and put on a fabulous night’s entertainment for you – and to help her – last year and again this year. In other words, you could just come for the amazing show.


A Gala Comedy Event Starring:
Soon to be the star of Australian Celebrity Apprentice and the Queen of Australian Comedy, FIONA O’LOUGHLIN
Queer Cabaret Diva TINA DEL TWISTE
Lesbian comedian & winner of Deadly Funny 2010, DENISE MCGUINNESS
Newly out lesbian and star of the upcoming comedy festival show Turns Out I do Like Sundried Tomatoes, GERALDINE HICKEY
Pinko, queero, commie feminista NELLY THOMAS
As well as other local favourites like the fabuloso CAL WILSON, (Good News World) GEORGE MACENCROE,(The Circle) KELLY NASH and the hostess with the campest mostess RACHEL BERGERLAST YEAR’S