Silke Bader Publisher of LOTL Magazine
Silke Bader Founder of the Australian LGBTI Awards

The inaugural Australian LGBTI Awards is set to take place during Mardi Gras 2017.

On 2 March, a rainbow flag will descend on the Sydney Opera House where the event will take place. This exciting event is being brought to Australia by Silke Bader, well known publisher of LOTL magazine. She is thrilled to produce this fantastic event.

Nominations for the awards are now open. From now until 14 September, members of the public are welcome to nominate individuals who they think are the most deserving in each category. The LGBTI Awards are an incredible opportunity for members of LGBTI community to have their achievements acknowledged in a very public way.

Silke Bader, CEO of L Media and the Australian organiser of the Awards said, “I am truly honoured to be producing this event.  There has never been an event like this is Australia before. Bringing together Allies and the LGBTI community to help in the fight against injustice and inequality!”

Everyone is welcome to nominate any individual who they think is inspirational to the LGBT community and upholds our values. When nominating think of the people that have had a personal effect on you, think of those individuals who have been an inspiration to you and who continue to fight for the LGBT community. Popular nominees will then go through to the shortlist, which the public is again allowed to vote on.

There are two main groups of the awards. The Public Award Categories include Hero of the Year, Celebrity of the Year, Sports Personality of the Year and even Politician of the Year. These categories are entirely decided by the public vote.

The Corporate Award Category looks at CEOs and Diversity Champions in the business sector.

The public is able to vote on these categories with the winners to be decided by our esteemed judging panel that includes The Hon Michael Kirby, Dr Kerryn Phelps and Paul Zahra. They will judge the corporate categories after the initial public vote.

The more members of the LGBTI community that vote, the better the awards will reflect the community. This is a chance to say thank you to esteemed individuals and to celebrate the diverse community that we have in Australia.

Bader continues, “These Awards will help celebrate and recognise the great and inspirational work done by many to influence change in LGBTI legislation. They will recognise not only the LGBTI community but straight allies without whose help we could not achieve true equality. It is Australia’s time.”