New Cabaret Show Georgia with a 'G'
Georgia Darcy

Think Liza Minnelli meets Edith Piaf in a gay bar.

At age 7, Georgia knew who she was; at 47, she remembered! This show is the first from local South Australian Cabaret artist Georgia Darcy who has dazzled audiences with her sparkle, energy and the achingly-beautiful moments she brings to the Cabaret stage.
Georgia moved from Melbourne to Victor Harbor S.A. 18 months ago to be with her wife, Louise. She didn’t realise that her long-lost dream of being the performer she was born to be would also come true. Georgia with a G has already played five shows; at La Bohème and in the Feast festival to wrapt and sometimes hysterical audiences!
With musical director and accompanist Matthew Carey (pianist for the REAL Liza Minnelli when she is in Australia), the songs are a mix of power, joy and pathos. “Georgia with a G” is a candid exposé of bits of Georgia’s life whose pieces hang her story together like a garland of jewels. As well as moving to tears, it has side-splittingly funny oddball characters. Throw in a chair fetish and a section of suction; this is riotous and fun-loving Cabaret.
What good is sitting all alone in your room when you can come and smell La Vie en Rose?
Rediscover who YOU are and redefine your relationship with furniture.
Contact Details: Georgia Darcy (mob: 0407 821 766, email: [email protected])