Act a LadyWhat happens when the men of a small turn of the century township frock up and decide to put on a play? Gender lines are blurred and stereotypes questioned, of course.


Act a Lady is a sumptuously comic tale about the woman in every man, the man in every woman,  and the power of theatre to uncover both.
It’s 1927 and the men of a small prohibition-era town in Midwest America have decided to put on a performance for charity dressed in “fancy, women-type clothes”.  The play?  A lavish 17th Century melodrama played out against the backdrop of the French revolution between the wicked Countess Mathilde Roquefort, and deceitful Lady Romula Von Plofsdorf.  When all the men are required to dress as women, the whole community is affected; gender lines blur, eyebrows raise, identities explode, and life and art are forever entangled…
Reviewers worldwide have been raving about Jordan Harrison’s witty, tongue-in-cheek comedy. Directed by Andrew MacMillan, the production features a veritable feast of Melbourne’s young talent; Kashmir Sinnamon, Angela Lumicisi, Cazz Bainbridge, Mason Gasowski, 
Spencer Scholz, and Julie-Anna Evans.