Lesbian Drinking GameDuring the holiday season it’s important to remember to drink responsibly.

But for those of you who are likely to ignore this advice, here’s a fun lesbian drinking game to make the office party or lesbian happy hour even happier.

Preliminary Set-Up 

  • One person acts as Judge. Their word is final.
  • If your drink is finished of your own volition, you buy the round.
  • Extra forfeits can be given if two rules are broken at the same time – Double Drinks.

The Rules  

  • A gay celebrity is mentioned (Kristen Stewart counts) – Everyone Drinks.
  • A Player uses the phrase “That’s So Gay” – The Player buys a round of shots.
  • A Player mentions their ex – The Player Drinks.
  • Two Players discover they have an ex in common – Players must swap drinks. And Drink.
  • A Player says the word “Straight,” “Gay,” “Bent,” or basically any word that they can be accused of using in a queer sense – The Player Drinks.
  • See a flannel shirt – Everyone Drinks.
  • Woman wearing a trucker cap – Everyone Drinks.
  • Lens-less Hipster glasses – Everyone Drinks.
  • An ill-fitting denim jacket – Everyone Drinks. Double drinks if said jacket is tied around the waist.
  • A Player is wearing any of the above – The Player buys a round of shots.
  • A Player fancies the bartender – The Player Drinks. However, if the Player can get her number, everyone else drinks. Said Player has one hour to acquire number.
  • Angry political opinions are shared without invitation – The Player Drinks.
  • Someone says the word “Pride” – Everyone Drinks.
  • At any time, a Player can challenge another Player to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Loser Drinks. If both players choose Scissors, Both Players Drink Double.
  • A Player is caught sneering at an opinion they don’t agree with – Player Drinks.
  • Two Players in a new relationship exhibit needless or excessive affection – Both Players Drink. And buy shots.
  • A Player references The L Word or OITNB – The Player Drinks.
  • Someone tries to get a Player to sign a petition or join a cause of some sort – Player Drinks.
  • A Player uses a hashtag out loud – The Player Drinks. (This is just annoying)
  • A Player spends longer than five minutes on their phone – The Player Drinks.
  • If they were looking at their exes Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Face – Double Drinks.
  • A Player is caught looking at another Player’s tits – Players must swap drinks. And Drink.
  • If any two Players break any rule simultaneously, they must take their drinks, and additionally buy a round of shots. Everybody Drinks.

So there you have it – The Lesbian Drinking Game. Please feel free to add or remove rules at will, and enjoy un-responsibly and without caution. Happy Holidays.