Dana Goldberg
Dana Goldberg

Comedy Night Palm Springs offers some winter mirth.

Dana Goldberg will be appearing on January 17 at The Purple Room Restaurant & Stage (“where Palm Springs plays”), as part of the winter comedy oasis. Goldberg gave us the lowdown on the gig.

You’re performing at The Purple Room, Jan. 17 for the Palm Springs Comedy Night. Will that be your first time at that venue?

It won’t be my first time performing for the producers of the show, but it will be my first time in that room. I’ve heard the venue is fantastic so can’t wait to get out there.

What kind of crowd are you expecting?

A very tan crowd. The last time I did the show, it was a really lively, sold-out crowd. It’s a great mix of men and women, mostly gay with a few straights sprinkled in. I love this crowd because they are really smart and very forgiving. Ha! It’s a great place to pull out the big guns, but also throw in some new material for them to enjoy.

Palm Springs is kind of gay male-centric…with all those clothing-optional guesthouses and resorts. Why aren’t there be clothing-optional guesthouses for women?

I love all the gay men out there. With the work I do with the HRC, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them. Trust me, some of them definitely should have the right to be clothing optional. They take really good care of themselves. Why can’t there be clothing-optional guesthouses for women? I just assumed every house with a pool was clothing optional. I guess I’ll stop streaking on my visits

Palm Springs is, however, turned over to the girls in April for The Dinah. Will you be going in 2015?

Not only will I be going, but I’ll be performing for the Thursday night comedy show on April 2nd. It’s going to be a fantastic line-up. I can’t wait!

What material will you be doing at The Purple Room gig?

I’ve written a lot of new jokes since the last time I was there. I do a good mix of material that relates to gay and straight alike, so I’ll be doing my strongest. Since Rick Santorum just announced he’ll be running for President in 2016, I’m sure he’ll say something stupid between now and the show that I can work off of.

What are your plans for the holidays this year? How will you be spending Christmas and NYE? Any resolutions you plan to make?

I’ll be having a very Jewy Christmas this year. Four of us Jews are going to rent a house up north for a few days, which just sounds lovely. I’ve had a really busy schedule and not a ton of downtime so I can’t wait to just unplug for a few days.

NYE is still up in the air, but looking forward to bringing a new year in. This last one wasn’t as brutal as the one before so hopefully, they just keep improving. [Laughs] As far as resolutions go, I probably won’t set any until the last minute. Maybe one of my resolutions should be to work on my procrastination habits.