Hannah Gadsby Has Scooped The Oscars Of Live Comedy
Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby will be performing the winning show for the last time ever, starting in Sydney!

You have been sorely missing out if you don’t already cherish Aussie lesbian comic Hannah Gadsby.

We wrote back in May about her one-woman show, Nanette, winning a bunch of awards, including the Barry Awards, which are the Aussie comic equivalent of the Oscars.

Well, now she’s gone and left us all in the dust internationally, too: it was announced over the weekend that Nanette has jointly won the “Best Comedy Show” category of the bloody Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

This is basically the most prestigious comedy gong in the world.

Over at The Scotsman, they wrote of Gadsby’s show, “Nanette deserves to win all the awards because it changes everyone who goes to see it.”

Gadsby now joins the illustrious list of winners of ‘the Oscars of live comedy’, which includes the likes of Sam Simmons, Lano and Woodley, Dylan Moran, David O’Doherty, Daniel Kitson and 2016’s winner Richard Gadd.

Congratulations, Hannah!