Mad About Madison Paige
Madison Paige

When androgynous model Madison Paige is not twinning with friend Ruby Rose in matching leather jackets at New York City parties, she’s working hard in music studios creating her unique style of alternative soul pop, which has described as “a gold star hybrid between Grimes and Taylor Swift.

With over 200K followers on social media, Paige is the next highly sought after Instagram “it girl” who has just come off headlining Dinah Shore and two South by Southwest performances, in addition to releasing a new EP titled 444.

Paige takes her guitar with her wherever she travels, even to modelling gigs, helping to explain the effortless synergy between her sound and personal style.

She is a self-described, unapologetic badass tomboy who dresses for no one but herself. Her confidence has led to commercial success as a gender-fluid supermodel in a fashion world with little space for female masculinity.

It has also translated into a raw sound that embodies her feminine-masculine energies perfectly reflected in the fishnet stockings and combat boots she dons.

Beyond business, Paige spends her free time skateboarding and is a movie buff.

The Breakfast Club, Boondock Saints, A Clockwork Orange, and Snatch are her favourites.

Paige also leverages her celebrity to create positive social change.

She recently competed at SPiN New York’s second annual Model Citizen Party, a supermodel ping-pong tournament for charity.

Paige battled it out on the tables to help raise money to support the international humanitarian aid organization Save the Children. (@MadisonPaige)