Exploration of selfHighlights include David Rosetzky’s stunning video portrait of actor Cate Blanchet

A major international  exhibition exploring the theme of persona, ‘Ourselves’, brings together a series of works where artists investigate their own and others inter-subjective experiences.

Curated by ACCA’s Artistic Director Juliana Engberg, the exhibition explores the way artists seek to understand, empathise with, mirror and interpret their own persona, or their individuals they portray. In doing so, says Engberg, “OURSELVES studies the existential ‘us’ present in ‘them’, who are reflected back to ourselves.  It is an investigation of the inter-subjective strategies of mutual exchanges, para-egos, stand-ins, avatars and masquerades”.

Ourselves will include works by leading international artists such as Laurie Anderson, Sophie Calle, Bruce Nauman and Gillian Wearing as well as local artists.

Highlights include:

  • David Rosetzky’s stunning video portrait of actor Cate Blanchett.  Throughout the work, Rosetzsky shifts focus, changes the shutter, moves in and then departs from his subject, playing with the notion of the stilled image of a person in photography and painting.
  • Omer Fast’s unnverving film-reviews, 5000 feet is the Best, which is based on meetings with a Predator drone sensor operator.  The film-reviews captures the operator describing accounts of times when his unmanned plane fired at militants and civilians, and how that affected him psychologically.  But the operator is played by an actor, who repeatedly interrupts with his own stories.
  • Rineke Dijkstra’s I see a Woman Crying (The Weeping Woman) which portrays school groups discussing art works on display at the Tate Liverpool.  Rineke worked with four schools as they discussed various art works, including Picasso’s Weeping Woman, and captures the emotional responses and uninhibited moments of young people in the transitional stage between childhood innocence and adult awareness.