Kim Leutwyler is known for her large-scale figure paintings of queer-identified and queer-supportive women.

For this exhibit she will be hanging a painting created for the 2014 Archibald Prize, Australia’s most prominent portrait competition. Although she did not win the Prize, her work was viewed by the trustees on location at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The painting is a self-portrait reflecting on her journey, with a patterned background comprised of over 200 miniature landscapes from her travels throughout Australia.

Leutwyler has launched a Kickstarter campaign that runs now through November 16 to raise funds to support her exhibition and new series of transhuman portraits with dinosaur heads.

Backers of this Kickstarter project will receive rewards ranging from original artwork to items that feature her paintings such as prints, clothing, cases, decor and more. If the project does not reach 100% of her goal by November 16th she will not receive any funding.

More information is available at Leutwyler’s Kickstarter project site: