How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

I am late writing this review about Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, the second brilliantly useful book by masterful speaker, marketing and strategy consultant Dorie Clark.

My excuse is a good one however (well, hopefully), and that is, that I found Stand Out so useful and relevant, as I did Clark’s first book, Reinventing You, I had to put some of these thoughts into practice immediately; and that took a little time.

The thesis of Stand Out (published by Random House) builds upon Clark’s first book Reinventing You, which postulates that to simply “Keep your head down and work hard” at whatever your profession may be is not enough to bring you the recognition and promotion you deserve, as well as the basic job security that we all need.

As Clark asserts: “Standing Out is no longer optional” and the crux of Standing Out is to identify your breakthrough idea.

Clark provides a step by step guide to identifying a breakthrough concept, which is often found by bringing to disparate areas of expertise together to focus on a new perspective, as well as to identify your unique perspective on a topic and a unique niche within which you operate.

Equally as important is the attraction of audience and active community around your breakthrough idea, the crux of which occurs from generating and promoting /distributing valuable related content.  Clark provides a roadmap here as well and also advocates adding value through expanding and nurturing personal relationships and being a proactive connector.

Ideally, through consistent content creation and social engagement, your breakthrough idea becomes so valuable, noticed, and even world changing that you are able to monetize it through speaking, on-line courses and paid writing assignments.

Starting small is perfectly okay (and where most will start) but the goal is to keep expanding both the idea and empowering your network and audience so your ideas reach and value continue to grow.

Other experts who have walked the walk of the breakout idea and through leader are interviewed as well including Daniel Pink, David Allen and Seth Godin.

I love not only the concept of Stand Out, but the overall narrative Clark is creating as she becomes the visionary thought leader she is teaching us to be too.

As an entrepreneur, socializing and building on key concepts that are core to the fundamental underpinnings of a venture is absolutely crucial to success.

While I’ve always been a good promoter, the organization and structure Clark provides have been invaluable as I’ve continued to hone my own ideas so they become accessible to a broader network.

I encourage everyone to Stand Out in whatever way will add the most value to their world and the world at large and bring them the most happiness and success.

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