Urzila Carlson MemoirChuckle, laugh and snigger along with Urzila in her  memoir about a life in comedy.

Top comedian Urzila Carlson will have you chuckling, laughing and sniggering with her trademark deadpan humour in Rolling With The Punchlines.

Urzila’s memoir is full of great stories about both the big things in life and the little things.

Her accidental beginning in stand-up has led to an incredibly successful career in comedy, with regular gigs on television as well as sell-out shows in comedy festivals across New Zealand and Australia.

Urzila has collected an impressive array of awards for her stand up including ‘Best Female Comedian’ at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards.

But life hasn’t always been a bundle of laughs.

Urzila talks candidly about her  childhood with a great family, apart from her abusive dad, and about growing up in South Africa.

She shares crazy true tales about her OE, her move to New Zealand, coming out, getting married and having children, and her life in comedy.

This is a great read from one of the most loved and popular comedians.

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