Queer Women In Crime Fiction

How women are queering one of the last bastions of male authorship.

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The Long Shot By A. L. Brooks

With careers and hearts on the line, which will win?

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The Divine Alchemy Of Rest

Fitness isn't just about body¢â‚¬it's about spirit and soul, too.

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Elizabeth Andre's 'The Time Slip Girl'

The Time Slip Girl By Elizabeth Andre

The Time Slip Girl is a story of Dara, a young woman who is touring London with her brother and picking her life back up after losing her soon to be wife.

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Marilyn Oser

Can You Be a Feminist Activist And A Homophobe?

An author promoting her lesbian-themed book faces discrimination, head on.

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Nilo Augustine’s Journey

Everyone has their own struggle, don't let others try to change you.

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StandOut By Dorie Clark

How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It

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Too Young To Be A Lesbian?

15-year-old Claire Dickie is sick of being told she's too young to know her sexual orientation.

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The Talented Miss Highsmith

A fabulous and epic biography detailing the secret life and serious art of the amazing author, Patricia Highsmith.

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