Dracula's Cabaret Themed RestaurantSetting a new standard for Vampire Cabaret, Melbourne’s Themed Restaurant is an absolute hoot!

“Vampires, Goblins, Witches, Fae, Corpses, Ladies and Gentlemen. The train to your left will deliver you to your seats. Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant will not be responsible for loss of limb or mind. The Draculettes are famished so please move quickly and keep your hands and feet inside the carriage at all times.”

Climbing into our transportation to the dining hall I instinctively clamp my arm around my date and shut my eyes. I have to admit that I am a little afraid of what the darkness in front of me holds. The train was corny, yes, but effective. I was scared out of my wits, which I got to relive during the intermission when the recording of each diner passing through the tunnel was replayed for everyone’s entertainment!

Bloodbath, the newest extravaganza to hit the stage at Melbourne’s Dracula’s Cabaret Theme Restaurant sets a new standard for Vampire Burlesque. Now don’t roll your eyes at the words ‘Themed Restaurant’. Dracula’s is not your average sing-along show.

Seated in the V.I.P. section getting cozy with our new friends on the table with us, there were three sumptuous courses, a ‘dead’ jazz band to entertain us, and our tables being waited on by the Draculettes. These remarkable people are a crew of vampires and zombies who are dressed in the most fabulous array of corsets, suits and other costume bits and pieces that make you want them to stick around so you can ogle some more. I loved the Draculettes! Varying in character and costume, one could not guess if you would cop an embrace or abuse from one Draculette to the next. In fact, I was abused by the bartender, with my water being thrust in front of me, as the fruit was being violently muddled into it!

Its cast is beyond talented, with voices and props that are both varied and one of a kind. It’s phenomenal! The main cast consisted of five multi-talented dancers who could all not only dance and sing, some played instruments, some were skilled in contortion and aerial acts and even enormous, grotesque puppets! The laughs were endless and I was constantly entertained and amazed by the singing, dancing and upbeat, modern tunes!

Even if you’ve been to Dracula’s before, I recommend that you check out Bloodbath as it was unlike any other theatre restaurant I’ve seen. The women were hot and scantily clad, the drinks are endless and the corpses fresh!