Sharon Abel, Director and Operator 
Sharon Abel, Director and Operator 

With Pride delivers a safe, inclusive & confidential space to access holistic healthcare solutions via Online Naturopathic Consultations, Workshops, Guest Speaking, Article Writing and Broadcasting.

This empowers change for physical, emotional, mental, environmental & spiritual health. On social media pages, you will find informative and inspiring health tips and tricks that are realistic and easy to implement. With Pride has a special interest in working with anxiety, depression & digestive health along with a passion for providing direct healthcare and educational services to the LGBTQI+ Community. With Pride offers online consultations worldwide

Sharon Abel, Director and Operator  welcomes the LGBTQIA+ Community:

Far too often I have witnessed people in our community experiencing ‘coming out’ anxiety.  Not knowing how you will be met by new people in your life can cause the fight-or-flight response to kick in. Whether you are meeting with a new GP, colleague, friend, counsellor or health practitioner – the list is endless.

With this knowledge and first-hand experience, I have developed “With Pride”. We deliver safe and inclusive service for the entire LGBTQIA+ Community, where you can be confident that you are welcomed, accepted, embraced, and empowered. Naturopathy Services are accessible online, globally and face-to-face in Melbourne, Australia.

So why see a Naturopath? A Qualified Naturopath has the skills and training to become your Primary Healthcare Provider from a holistic perspective. We are a person-centred service that works to empower our clients for healthy change and health management in relation to all aspects of life. This includes physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, relationship, spiritual & career health. We recognise that all life and physiological systems work in conjunction and affect one another.

A Qualified Naturopath is your health detective, diving into the root causes of health concerns. We can refer you directly to laboratories for a whole range of pathology testing including blood, urine, stool and hair analysis, followed by an interpretation of your results. A Naturopath will always look at your results holistically and from a preventative medicine perspective.

After comprehensively compiling your full history, including family history, current presentation, medications and any known diagnoses, we then develop your short and long-term treatment aims. These goals will always be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely and tailored to your financial capacity.

Evidence-based treatment options in Naturopathy include, but are not limited to, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, whole dietary guidance, lifestyle advice & personal growth support. Practitioner-only prescription items can be shipped directly to your door via the patient ordering system, making this convenient and stress-free.

We can also be your health resource hub. We assist you to identify what your needs and goals are, then ensure all aspects of your health are being met by the appropriate services, forming a collaborative approach to your health between different modalities and the services that you access. Your Naturopathic Consultation includes time dedicated to developing your precise, individualised treatment plan.

At “With Pride” we are passionate about inspiring healthy change via community education, offering article writing, workshops and guest speaking services.

Jump over and join us on social media, see regular posts with easy to implement health tips and tricks, say “hi” and feel welcome to ask your questions about health and Naturopathy.”

Sharon Abel, BHSc (Nat)
Director & Operator With PrideM: +61432628921
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