When a worst nightmare becomes the perfect fantasy.

“The Client” opens at a moment of ultimate possibility. Juliet Carson is a part-time escort, about to start a session with a new client. She doesn’t know if the woman will be too nervous to relax into their encounter or so excited to have an outlet for long-denied sexual urges that she’ll be ravenous for Juliet’s attentions. What she finds when she opens the door is unexpected to say the least, but what should be an awful session ends up being incredible.


In what will be a shock to no one, “The Client” is a ridiculously hot read. Meghan O’Brien is consistently delivering some of the best lesbian erotic fiction out there and this story is no exception. What I didn’t see coming, however, is how much she manages to pack into this story. Despite being less than 15,000 words, it somehow manages to deliver well-developed characters and a thoughtful exploration of several serious issues, alongside that excellent sex writing we all know and love.


“The Client” is a difficult story to talk about because its brilliance lies in the premise and how that’s executed (very well, in case you’re wondering). To talk about the premise, however, would spoil everything and that’s something I just can’t do. All I can say is that I was surprised at many points, especially when it comes to those serious issues I mentioned above. Much like with Camp Rewind, I loved that she tackled serious subject matter while still giving us her trademarked mindblowing sex scenes that are perfectly true to the characters involved in them.


If you’re looking to while away an hour with a sexy story that will make you think, “The Client” is a perfect choice. It’s hot, smart, and just a little bit sweet. I’ve read it twice already and know I’ll be coming back to this one again and again.


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