Andrea Bramhall's "Swordfish"A great entertainment by Bramhall, if you like action and romance then read on!

In “Swordfish” Andrea Bramhall returns to the rambunctious action adventures of Finn and Oz who we met in her first novel “Ladyfish”.  Here Finn has to save the world from the evil terrorist – ably abetted by a rather large contingent of Viking-like US Sailors and Marines in the guise of Oz’s family.

Finn is the genius scientist whose breakthrough in cancer treatment has been turned into lethal biochemical weapon by her father’s evil lackeys. Even though the twisted monster who is trying to get hold of this weapon has yet to find a scientist willing to make the formula, Finn et al know it is only a question of time. So Finn, Oz and the family decide to co-operate with the CIA and Interpol, make the bug, and a vaccine, in order to catch the terrorist.

What ensues is a mad romp full of twists and turns, high tension deadlines, scientific breakthroughs and shoot ‘em up confrontations with the bad guys. It is fast paced when the story is hot, but manages to combine gentler, slower moments of intimacy and tenderness.

As a secondary plot Finn’s long lost mother appears, searching for her daughter and herself. Finding both via an ex FBI/Copand a cute lost pooch, Mum Cassie has a central part to play as the drama unfolds.

The characters are great – amusing, well rounded and enjoyable. Oz’s wonderful family grows exponentially as required by the plot – each time we need more action hero’s another one appears. Finn and Oz continue to delight, and the development of Cassie and Bailey give the author a perfect vehicle for a new romance.

Despite the mapcap action, plot twists and turns, unexpected crises and hair-brained schemes, Andrea Bramhall has managed to slip in a factual setting for the terror plot, and gives a fair and honest background to the history of the war between Israel and Palestine. Even when stepping away from her more serious writing she maintains her integrity and gives a balanced view.

A great fun read, fast and furious – you will definitely need to suspend your disbelief for this one – but it is worth it for the ride. A most enjoyable and amusing sequel. This one definitely goes on my re-read pile for when I need entertaining.