book cover A Comical Journey of Love by Lee A. WildeThis book is unique. It is unlikely that there is another book like it in the lesbian marketplace. This book has been written with love and humour.

Lee wrote a collection of alphabetical stories about her relationship with her partner, Alison. The stories were originally written forDykewise Magazine which was produced by volunteers for the gay women of South-East Queensland. The stories were written over a five-year period from 1996 to 2001. It has been Lee’s hope to one day have these stories published. Finally, that dream has become a reality.

Each letter of the alphabet covers a chapter of the early days of the relationship of Lee and Alison. Each “letter” will give you a reason to smile.

It touches on many aspects of any relationship with titles such as “The ‘R’ Thing”, “Dopey Dogs and Girlfriends”, “Horrible Habits”, “Santa Sack of Quantity Not Quality”, “Particularly Perfect Partners”, “Big Birthday Bash”, “Zero Hour”, “Clumsy Clot Condition” and “Kids and Kerfuffles”.

“This is a book for everyone. Essentially it is a book about a relationship. It does not matter what your sexuality is, we all have the same dreams, the same hopes, do the same dopey things in our relationship regardless of our sexuality. We all love with the same intensity, we have the same feelings and we experience the same emotions.”

They say opposites attract, but it’s the journey that counts. “A Comical Journey of Love”, is a collection of short stories about two gals – a Virgo and a Leo – who share their journey of love with us. It’s not only hilarious, but it’s also real. I laughed and cried, felt their highs and the lows, shared their triumphs and despairs. The book is a collection of 26 short and very humourous stories – encounters with love, life and managing the everyday minutiae when you fall in love. No matter who you are or where you come from, the Sack of Quantity, not Quality Christmas presents, Horrible Habits, the Clumsy Clot Condition and Furnishing Foul-Ups are just some of the episodes that we can all identify with. This is Lee A. Wilde’s first book and I certainly hope there are more to come. The style is engaging and the format is very easy to read. It would make a great stocking stuffer in that bag of quantity, not quality presents! But what I loved the most about this book was that it is honest and authentic. Once you have read it you’ll want to share it with others. Enjoy!

A Comical Journey of Love is an alphabetical series of snapshots of the life of the author, Lee A. Wilde. Starting the alphabet at “r” gives an insight into the quirky and humourous chapters to come. The characters are treated with gentleness and sincerity that runs through the book. It is a rainy Saturday afternoon read that leaves the reader with a feeling that all is well with the world. Lee’s tapestry is woven simply with the truth that although we are all different, in the end, we are indeed all very alike. When I finished A Comical Journey of Love, I felt that I had met Lee and liked her immensely.

It has been a long time between good books for me. To me, a good book is a kind that makes you wish you could stop the world so you can keep reading from cover to cover without interruption. A Comical Journey of Love is just that. I laughed. I cried. I pondered. And that was within the first 2 pages! I highly recommend you add this book to your must-read list. Throughout the book, I kept saying that everyone needs to read this book. Lee has a flair for capturing the essence of a relationship in written text. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey she took me on, and cannot wait to read more from this very talented author.

I started this little collection of “memories” and just could not put it down! It is amazing how similar the ups and downs of two people living together are! Many of the stories could have been about my life. I was so sad when I turned the last page, it felt like I had lost two dear friends that I had come to know almost intimately. I recommend this collection of stories to anyone who would like to relax with a light-hearted book, which will make you laugh out loud and leave you feeling warm and happy, although slightly sad, once you have finished it. Lee is certainly very talented and I look forward to her first novel.