An excellent, well-written and witty homage to the pulp fiction era.

In homage to the pulp fiction of the ’50s, Jane Lawless, Cherry Ames, R.N., and all the fabulous tales from when the world was a simpler place, the terrible trio of Ann McMan, Salem West and Jeanne Barrett Magill have crafted a witty, amusing and cleverly modern tale.

June Magee R.N. is the quintessential 1950’s “perfect woman” – at least on the surface.

She appears flawlessly proper and fulfils the ideals of dedicated womanhood, putting her career above all else – followed closely by the appearance of modest perfection.

Photographer Roi may be retro in her London Drape Suit, but everything else is bang up to date from her Boi styling to her worldly-wise knowledge of the gay scene. When the pair are sent to Rehoboth Beach FEST for Nurse Magee to do a book reading, all kinds of revelations and escapades ensue.

Somehow, throughout a romping Nancy Drew style adventure, June remains a poster girl for a simpler era, while at the same time revealing both a three-dimensional character who becomes increasingly adorable and a complex self-aware woman whose past is less perfect than the image she portrays. Add in a charming romance and a gentle whodunit and this book will definitely entertain on a number of levels

Exquisitely written, full of perfectly balanced and clever observation, witty asides and a cast of characters that makes “Birdcage” look tame, “June Magee R.N. – Festival Nurse” is slated to be the first of a series, and I can’t wait for more.

I haven’t quite worked out how they managed to juxtapose a character who feels so totally lifted from the 50s with a modern cast and setting, but it works seamlessly, teasing your mind with the question of when the time warp will appear. Quite brilliant.