Shaken To The Core By Jae

In an excellent historical lesbian romance, two strong women are drawn together.

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Book Cover for Andrea Bramhall's 'Collide-O-Scope'

Collide-O-Scope By Andrea Bramhall

This lesbian crime thriller is fast paced from beginning to end.

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Lori L Lake's Gun Shy: Book One In The Gun Series

Gun Shy By Lori L Lake

This lesbian story entranced me and left me begging for more.

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Book Cover KD Williamson's 'Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines By KD Williamson

This lesbian romance gives you everything you yearn for.

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Girl Meets Girl Book 1: Never-Tied Nora

Cheyenne Blue's novella is better than Romeo and Juliet.

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Book Cover of Banshee's Honor: Tales Of Y'Myran By Shaylynn Rose

Banshee’s Honor: Tales Of Y’Myran By Shaylynn Rose

Lesbian romance meets awesome fantasy: The Tales of Y'Myran series

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Popcorn Love By KL Hughes

Finding love in the most unexpected ways. A wonderful novel for hopeless romantics

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Book Cover for Coming Home By Lois Cloarec Hart

Coming Home By Lois Cloarec Hart

A love story between a younger woman and a late bloomer.

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Book cover of A Story Of Now By Emily O'Beirne

A Story Of Now By Emily O’Beirne

Check out the debut novel of Australian author Emily O'Beirne. She takes us back to when we are nineteen going on twenty, emotions feel bigger than life, and you experience you first love.

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