"Popcorn Love" by KL HughesFinding love in the most unexpected ways. A wonderful novel for hopeless romantics

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting uncomfortable, and so it is time for a lighthearted book, where good things happen to lovable people.

Popcorn Love hits all the marks. It is a charming and absolutely delightful story. I haven’t read anything by KL Hughes before, but the summary drew me in, and so I gave this novel a try. I am really glad I did. KL Hughes’s writing flows from scene to scene, weaving a picture of feelings and hopes that filled my heart and warmed my soul.

The main characters of this “feelgood novel” are Elena and Allison. Elena is a single mother raising a young son, Lucas, and sometimes appearing much older than her 27 years. Elena is successful in the business world, but completely inexperienced when it comes to love. Browbeaten by her best friend, Vivian, Elena agrees to begin dating again, trying both men and women. But when she decides to go on these dates, she needs a babysitter for Lucas, one of the cutest toddlers ever.

Enter Allison, a cute, blond, twenty-two-year-old senior at New York University. Having grown up in a foster family, Allison had always been alone, and her defenses are high, her most common defense being running away from feelings and problems. Elena is quite the opposite. She has an affectionate family, wealth, and friends she can count on. But for Elena, there is still no loving partner to share with.

Vivian arranges blind dates for Elena, and Allison is the babysitter for Lucas on these evenings. Allison makes an instant and easy connection with the normally shy toddler. After each blind date, Elena returns home to Allison to complain about the blind dates. None of the men and women she meets suits her needs. Allison, on the other hand, pushes Elena out of her comfort zone, and Elena begins to realize that the person she is falling in love with is the woman who has been in front of her the entire time.

KL Hughes writes great dialogue and scenes with real warmth and humour. It made me laugh out loud sometimes. Popcorn Love had none of the usual frustration which you find in many lesbian books. It is a fluffy romance perfect for a weekend read.

I enjoyed Popcorn Love for what it is, a nice, sweet romance and a good way to spend a few hours. Sometimes you need stories like this, a wonderful novel for hopeless romantics.

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