Thy Neighbor's Wife by Georgia Beers

Thy Neighbor’s Wife By Georgia Beers

Without either of them knowing they start to fall in love, and the fear of the "What If?' starts to rise within their hearts

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London Calling by Claire Lydon

London Calling By Clare Lydon

This wonderful story will keep you guessing time and time again.

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Book Cover for Intersection By Nancy Ann Healy

Intersection By Nancy Ann Healy

A romantic-political thriller, involving a talented FBI agent sent to investigate threatening letters sent to a congressman, who happens to find love under the worst of circumstances

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Book Cover of A Christmas Day to Remember by Trin Denise

A Christmas Day To Remember By Trin Denise

What if you go on a train ride that could change your life forever? Kristen buys a train ticket to visit Chicago for a shopping spree. But this is no ordinary train ride, it is a train full of eligible lesbians.

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Snow Globe by Georgia Beers

Snow Globe By Georgia Beers

Have you ever heard the saying "˜You can find love in the most unexpected places'? That is the case in this wonderful story.

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One Foot onto the Ice by Kiki Archer

Susan Quinn, a former student of the St. Wilfred'sall-girl school, and now a professor at the same, takes a group of students on a ski trip to the French Alps. When they arrive at Club Ski, they meet their guide Jenna James, a former classmate of Susan.

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Starting From Scratch By Georgia Beers

Starting from Scratch is a story about Avery, a graphic designer who has a passion for baking and has a growing crush on the financial manager of the bank she keeps her account on.

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Heart of the Matter by KI Thompson

Heart Of The Matter By KI Thompson

Heart of the Matter is a story about two women, Kate and Ellen, who have a lot to learn from each other.

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ICE By Lyn Gardner

A story of survival, compassion, and above all, love. Alex and Maggie will steal your hearts, give you hope when there's none, and make you realize that not everything is what it seems.

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She’s The One By BL Miller And Verda Foster

A story about two female police officers that need to choose between the love for their duty and the attraction growing between them

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