health benifit of sexThe health benefits of sex.

Creating a “healthier you” seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue as of late. Gym memberships are increasing while health stores are popping up on every corner.  But as we all know eating healthier can also create a strain on the purse strings. A head of lettuce in my neighborhood cost USD$1.50 where as a fresh bunch of spinach or other leafy greens cost over USD$3. So what can you do to get in shape but still put up enough money for your retirement? The answer is closer to you than you know.

I’m sure you know where I am going with this, and yes, sex is an excellent source of exercise that comes with a plethora of benefits:

  • According to one study, having sex regularly can help to decrease endometriosis
  • Increased sexual intercourse has been said to correlate to a decrease in breast cancer for women who have never given birth
  • Because of the endorphins and corticosteroids released during sexual arousal or an orgasm, those who suffer from migraines and back aches can have intercourse to relieve symptoms versus popping an endless amount of medications
  • The warm and tingly feelings you get from having sex are pleasure endorphins that can circumvent depression and anxiety
  • Having trouble sleeping? Masturbation or sex can help with your insomnia
  • Those who have sex regularly take fewer sick days due to flu and colds
  • Not finding relief with your stress ball? Try having a nooner when you find yourself in the mist of aggravation and stress while at work

The list of benefits to your body for having sex can be endless but working on implementing healthier activity into your life can also benefit your partner. Everything that you take into your body comes out of your body in various ways. Certain oils add to healthier hair. Your body odor changes based on the foods you eat.  Your nails and skin also reap the rewards of a healthy diet.  All in all, there are countless signs one can see in you that directly relate to how healthy you are.

Taking this a step further, eating things such as fruit makes your secretions sweeter giving a new name to “dessert after dinner”. A friend of mine told me how she would eat pineapples before sex so that her lover would have a little treat. I tried this and my partner raved about how sweet I tasted and needless to say I was late for work the next morning.

We spend so much money on sexy lingerie, sweet smelling oils, sex toys, and soft feeling bed sheets. Why not put the same care into your body. It is your temple and your partner worships it with all of her being. So why not do all that you can to make it pleasurable for the both of you?