Pink DildoIt doesn’t matter who’s on the bottom of the top with Wet For Her‘s new product, The Fusion.

We caught up with the company’s founder, Alice DeRock, to get the scoop on the hot new toy. 

How old now is the company Wet For Her?

Wet For Her was created in 2009 in the US and we just celebrated 5 years in June this year.

When you started it, what was your mission? And have you achieved it?

Our mission was to create a worldwide brand of toys for lesbians. The majority of websites at the time offered products that were too realistic, of bad quality and it was hard to find alternatives. We wanted to offer a quality design brand. A well-known brand among lesbians that addresses their needs and issues.

A few companies launched products for lesbians but then ultimately moved into the heterosexual world. Wet For Her is dedicated to lesbians and it will always be a company for lesbians.

All of our products are 100% silicone and without phthalate. They are made in China, in Spain and soon in New York. For the harnesses we are working with SpareParts, a company also started and operated by lesbians and with high-quality products.

To this day, our mission has been accomplished but we still have more products to develop, we have tons of ideas that we need to communicate.

Why and how did you come up with the idea for The Fusion?

Its creation came from the observation that the one wearing the harness has very little sensation. Because the base of a toy pushes on the genitals it touches the skin directly, and that gave us the idea to rework that part of the toy where pleasure can be shared by both people.

So we designed a toy with an ergonomic base that provides clitoral stimulation. If you like vibrations, the harness has two pockets for vibrators. So you can make love to your partner and have an orgasm at the same time.

Please note that the Fusion has to be used with a harness that is open on the inside for the toy to come into contact with the skin directly.

Is the product a critical and commercial success?

The Fusion is new and so far we have received great reviews. All the tests results have been positive. To celebrate its launch we have created a promo, MyPack which is 20% off if you purchase a harness and the Fusion.

We offered our girls the opportunity to buy a new toy without breaking the bank.  For $110 you can buy the Tomboi harness and the Fusion along with free shipping.

We offer a few resources online to help you purchase the right size since you can’t exchange toys. But we also offer 50% off the second one if for some reason the size isn’t right. For the harness, we exchange at no extra cost.

What are its selling points and advantages for lesbians?

The main selling point is that lovemaking can be enjoyed by both partners at the same time and each partner can have an orgasm at the same time. As not all lesbians like penetration, one can wear the harness and have a clitoris orgasm while her partner is being penetrated.

The other selling points are a Non-realistic design with velvety touch providing comfortable insertion & effortless G-Spot stimulation. Available in Small, Medium and Large, in Black, Purple and Pink colour. It is also crafted out of 100% medical-grade silicone, and fully waterproof.

Do you believe that lesbians support lesbian-owned businesses?

I truly believe in lesbian support as long as your products/company offers what lesbians need. Buying from a lesbian company gives empowerment to the entire community. Part of the money will be reinvested in advertising, Gay Prides sponsorship, etc. It’s a virtuous circle.