When Is It Time To Call It Quits?Is your queer relationship lacking passion?

Dear Carol,

I feel like the passion has ended in my relationship and I am not sure what to do? The relationship has begun to feel like hard work and I cannot see her and my friends together as they really don’t like her. How do you know when it is time to call it quits and the relationship has reached a dead end?



Dear Blinded,

I think unfortunately you are stating the obvious and the relationship is done. If the passion is gone and the relationship has become hard work, these are key signs that it is time to end it. We often dread ending a relationship and it is often hard to admit it is over after you have put your heart and time and energy into it but; when it is no longer fun and you are no longer feeling it, you have no choice. Both of your happiness comes first and if you are feeling this way, she is probably feeling it too. If your friends don’t like her and are no longer willing to spend time with her, they usually have your best interests in mind and feel this way for a reason. Listening to your gut is usually right, and remember, there is no point in forcing the relationship to continue.

Remember when one chapter ends, another one begins!