An LGBT Journey To RetirementSeeking a permanent home for Charlie.

In February last year, I wrote a piece about needing to sell my unit and downsize to a retirement village due to finances. I also told you that there was a no cat policy at the village and was looking for a foster home for Charlie until I could hopefully work towards change.

LOTL works in amazing ways as someone sent the online article from Victoria, to a friend in Sydney! A delightful lesbian couple (Sara and Annelli) from the Netherlands met Charlie and fell in love and offered to foster her. However they would be returning to Amsterdam in July 2017.

With visiting rights, it has been wonderful to watch Charlie settle in and make Marrickville her home in a cat loving household.

Meanwhile the last 9 months have been difficult adjusting to a smaller unit and a retirement home village that feels more like a nursing home at times. The age range is broad, from 58-95, and this makes for some interesting interaction.

I have learned a lot about older people and whilst there are some lovely seniors there who I bake cakes for, have a cuppa with and run errands for, some are narrow minded, territorial and inflexible and hate change of any sort.

I have made two attempts to change the policy, but sadly I can’t even encourage them to vote on forming a small group to talk about changing the policy! This is incredibly frustrating as all research says how animals can enrich a senior’s life. Not having a supportive village operator hasn’t helped.

I do believe that with some more time, and as the demographic changes with more baby boomers with open minds move in, that it will change.

However for now, I have to let go of my darling friend and am seeking a permanent home for Charlie. She is cheeky, a bit skittish, loves the outdoors but knows night time is indoor time, and she is very clean. A house with kids might not be suitable but she has learned to share her space with two other cats.