SunshineMonika Biernacki reports on one little dog’s plight…

My name is Sunshine…something I will never see…

This medium-sized crossbreed is called Sunshine, but he will never see the sun.  He is blind and was left at the pound to be destroyed.

Alone, disoriented and with painful, bulging eyes, he wagged his tail.  Confined to a cage and with strange dogs barking all around him, he lay on his mat and calmly listened. Pound staff developed a very soft spot for this exceptionally gentle fellow.

Everyone felt sorry for him, but nobody wanted him.  Like all unclaimed dogs, he was scheduled for destruction.  The vets put him on pain relief so he could wait out his last few days at the pound in a little more comfort.

Luckily for this little dog, DoggieRescue stepped in at the last moment and he is now safely housed.  We named him “Sunshine” became of his warm little personality, and the special way he touches everyone he meets.

“Sunshine is living up to his name, and winning hearts wherever he goes.  Turn around and he will be close at heel and listening attentively to your every word,” says Monika from DoggieRescue.

“Our vets have assessed Sunshine but sadly his eyes have been left untreated for so long.  Removing them is now the only option. He will never see again, but at least he will be pain-free.”

Sunshine is a medium-sized dog, around 8 years old, who looks like a Corgi X Teddy Bear because of his soft fluffy coat.  He weighs just over 20kg.

Sunshine needs a kind family to foster him as he recovers from eye surgery.  He is quiet and can be left unattended for long periods.   Sunshine is also cat friendly!

Need a bit of Sunshine in your life?  To find out more about Sunshine call Monika on 9486 3133 or email [email protected].