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Dogs past their 'use-by date' flood pounds

Perfectly healthy dogs with many years of their life still ahead of them are being callously abandoned at Sydney’s dog pounds to face an untimely end - simply because their owners see them as too old and past their use-by date. Monika Biernacki reports.


Biernacki, founder of Sydney-based rescue organisation DoggieRescue, is shocked and almost lost for words at what is happening; “It is just criminal to think some Australians consider dogs are past their use-by date at 10 years of age” she said. ““Little dogs who often live 20 years are handed in at 10-12 years of age – just halfway through their life. I have to wonder what their owners would do with their own grandmother?”

DoggieRescue has recently saved a number of older doggies from the pound in the lead up to the school holidays.  Discarded like an old pair of shoes, these innocent and frightened doggies are now safely in the hands of the caring volunteers at DoggieRescue’s shelter at Ingleside. Bewildered and confused, they are now beginning to realise that they are safe.

“As a rescue organisation, we have always been there to pick up the to pick up the “grannies” and “grandpas”, but we are filling up rapidly and need help if we are to continue this practice” continued Monika.

DoggieRescue desperately needs foster carers to take care of healthy, vet-checked doggies so they can make room for the next load from the pound.  Without any space to take in doggies currently sitting on death row DoggieRescue is unable to step in and save them – something which is absolutely heart-breaking for Monika and her dedicated team.

 “We have such sweet, easy dogs who would suit full-time workers and some that would even suit apartments” says Monika. “I am appealing for people to come forward either as a foster carer or to consider adopting one of these more mature doggies – they have so much love left to give and would make wonderful companions.”

For more information on becoming a foster carer or to adopt a rescue dog please contact DoggieRescue on 02 9486 3183 or visit their website, www.DoggieRescue.com


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